Changelog for v0.0.2

^ Fixed an issue causing some players to disconnect instantly after joining/creating a game.

^ Fixed connection loss not returning you to the menu.

+ Added a changelog.

+ Added a leave game option, instead of close game. (Escape)

~ Track pieces that give you speed now only give speed if you are accelerating.

+ Added a time limit to force players to actually race, instead of staying back and stealing the win.

The way the time limit works, is when the leading player reaches a checkpoint, it sets everyone's time limit to 2.5x the time it took for the player to reach the first checkpoint, after that, the 2.5x goes down by 10% every checkpoint until it gets to a minimum of 1.2x, and the non-leading players' time limits are not set until they reach the checkpoint that the leading player reach.

This has not been tested in a full multiplayer race yet, as I had no one to help me test it, so please let me know how this performs if any issues arise, or you have a better idea for the time limit system.


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